Sunday, 19 June 2016

Stress Balls

Are stress balls actually supposed to help people with stress issues? Because I'm in the homerun stretch for exam study and now I know that they don't work at all. I never understood how exatcly it's supposed to help, but it never ever works for me. If anything, it gets me more stressed with the less squishy ones because I can't squeeze it effortlessly. Why do they even make the hard ones? I try to squeese the tougher ones and it takes so much work. Am I supposed to use that much force, or am I just weak? See, now I'm stressed about my physical strength on top of exams. Another thing about stress balls: Why do companies give them out so often? Okay, less often than pens, but come on, I have at least five of them sitting around in my bedroom. Four of them are on my desk. You know what would be nice for companies to give out instead? Pencil sharperners. I always loose them. Erasers would be nice as well. They should make stress balls that are easy and satisfying to squish and they also have kind of a crunching feeling to go along with it, like when you crush a pop can. 

I hate these one specifically with a burning passion:

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