Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Odd Dream #1

I have a tendancy to write down the dreams I remember as soon as I wake up so that I don't forget them. And they're usually either really weird stories, or have plot lines that are worthy for movies, so I guess it might be interesting to post them every so often. Oh, and excuse the bad writing, I'm typing directly from whatever I wrote from that hasy point of time from when you just wake up, so it's very bad quality.

Dream #1, Feb. 23 2014: Shark Study

I was on a small boat in the ocean with a bunch of strangers that I seemed to know in the dream. We were scientists doing some kind of shark research in the middle of the ocean. I was baiting sharks with a fishing rod and it was really fun. But then, one of the people on the boat reported that there would be a magnitude 7 earthquake, so we directed our course towards the nearest land. Unfortunately, the earthquake started while we were still out on the ocean, and there were a bunch of giant waves which theoretically should have capsized the boat, but it's a dream so who cares. Anyways, all the scientists around me were screaming, crying, getting thrown around, panicking, and clutching onto the boat for their dear lives, but I was just stading there and laughing about how much fun the boat ride was because of the tall waves. Suddenly, the waves turned into ramps of snow, kind of like the large moguls you see on the ski slopes, and the boat started sliding on those. Eventually, we made it safely back to a legitimate shore. 

I've had more exciting dreams, but I have to study for geography exam now so I just posted one of my shorter ones. If you want to see more of my dreams, leave a comment stating your opinion, and it would also be nice if you could follow my blog. Please. I'm desperate. 


  1. Please tell us the dreams that have me in it, those are the best ones

    I followed you, by the way. I'M FIRST WOOHOO

    Yeah I'll probably get to some with you in it.