Tuesday, 21 June 2016


It's a commonly known fact that Nutella goes with everything. Literally. You could put a gob of Nutella on a block of balsa wood (I'll make another post about balsa wood later) and it would still taste as if you died in your sleep, went to heaven, stayed there for a bit, took a victory lap down to Earth again, got reincarnated as someone who hates food, tried Nutella and decided it was the only food you loved despite being allergic to nuts (you'll go that far for the sweet sweet goodness) and then you write a review on Yelp about how it tastes like the breakfast buffet from your hotel in Heaven. So if you have a jar of Nutella sitting around, but you have extremely dull levels of creativity, then this post is for you. Here's what I've done with Nutella that works well.

  1. Smother your crepes/pancakes/waffles/french toast with that stuff
  2. Spread it on bread. I know, super original. 
  3. Dip a cookie in it. You can never have too much sugar. Such a thing is impossible. 
  4. Spread it on two cookies, slam a marshmallow between them, and BAM YOU HAVE S'MORES. 
  5. Make fondue. Chop up some fruit (strawberries, bananas, etc) like a healthy person and dip it in the Nutella. 
  6. Dip broccili in it. It works. I tried. It's shockingly good, and healthy!
  7. For your week of exams, just jam a spoon in that jar. You know you want to. 
  8. Put in on a croissant
  9. Put a glob in a glass of milk and stirr until it become chocloate milk
  10. Dip chocolate in it. 
  11. Cover almonds with it
  12. Put it on ice cream
  13. Make a chocolate pizza- Spread nutella on pita bread, top with m&m's


  1. I will get diabetes from most of these suggestions.

  2. I'm kinda glad my parents don't buy Nutella, judging from your post (and general Nutella sentiments everywhere) I'd probably have gotten diabetes at age 5 or something, and then I'd get it again. Wait is that possible