Sunday, 19 June 2016

Into the Woods

I'm someone who really like forests. I love going for small hikes on any nearby trail I'll find off the internet. But I was browsing through RedditNoSleep when I came across a a series of stories by a search and rescue park ranger that made me want to reconsider going into the dense woods. This man talks of the things that lurk there, gruesome experiences he's had to witness, and just odd disappearances. There was one entry about a kid who simply just disappeared without a trace. Multiple entries are about some extremely horrible deaths. Some are about strange happenings. And then there are the stairs. Just stairs that seem to appear out of nowhere, and are seen by every park ranger that the author has met. They look as if they have been just ripped out of the house and put in the forest, just like a video game glitch. Anyways, I highly recommend reading the 7 part series; it's very intruiging, and they are, apparently, true stories.