Friday, 24 June 2016

Figure Skating

Figure skating is a majestic sport-like ballet, but with knives on your feet. It's also kind of confusing one. Person in 3000BC: "Hey, I bet I can go faster if I walk on ice with sharp bones on my shoes." Somehow, figure skating works. I don't know why the hell it was made, but it managed to get popular. Weirdly, no one knows exactly how it was created, nor do they know how it was created. Anyways, the skate boot has come a log way from 3000 BC's bones, to the European introduction of metal blades, to the modern blade and toepick made up of random crap like titanium, steel, etc. In the 1800's skating was pretty popular, and was one of the only sports that women would actually partake that was also acceptable for men. Then in 1863, this American guy named Jackson Haines comes along and decides to put ballet skills on the ice, and he alos invented the sit-spin, which is a pretty fun spin. For some reason, the people of  Victorian England didn't like Jackson's revoluntionary ideas and preferred the stiffer kind of skating, so Jackson kept on making new moves and dance elements untill he performed at some place in Vienna which inspired an International Skating Union. Thanks Jackson. Now going on to the early 20th century, Ulrich Slachow was a really great skater and he introduced the serated edged toepick to help with jump grip. Clearly, the Salchow jump was named after him as well. Then over even more years, indoor ice rinks were made, figure skating became an Olympic sport (1908), jumps and spins were created, and outfits were created, all of this to become what it is today. Yeah, figure skating really doesn't have much of an interesting hitory, but it's a cool sport nevertheless. 

Why am I ranting about figure skating?

No not because of that. I am a figure skater, not very good one, but it's a pretty large part of my life. So you'll probably see some future posts about fun facts, opinions, things relating to skating, stuff like that. I'll try to make it friendly to those who have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, maybe even a basic explaination about the different jumps/spins/footwork so that the next time you're watching it on TV and the announcer talks about a bad landing or whatnot, you can say something like: "Pfft yeah I know that the triple flip double lutz combo was landed on the inside edge what an offence that's like seven points right there look how much i know about figure skating why won't anyone love me." Um yeah so please, if want more of this awesome cool creative unique content, make sure to follow my blog. I need you to. I promise my posts won't be too long. Plz. 

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