Saturday, 17 December 2016

Odd Dream #2

I have a tendancy to write down the dreams I remember as soon as I wake up so that I don't forget them. And they're usually either really weird stories, or have plot lines that are worthy for movies, so I guess it might be interesting to post them every so often. Oh, and excuse the bad writing, I'm typing directly from whatever I wrote from that hasy point of time from when you just wake up, so it's very bad quality.

Dream #2, June. 14, 2014: The Iluminati Black Market

It all started when me, one of my good my irl friends, my brother, and some random exchange student from Africa moved into a strange town. We got an apartment room and settled in. After getting settled, we were enrolled into different schools all within the town: My brother went to a film school, the exchange student was going to an elementary school, (I forgot where my friend was going), and I was going to a medical school. With that, we headed off to find our new schools, with the goal to go in random directions until we stumbled across it. Whilst looking for my school, I wandered into the sketchy part of town and a huge guy in a dark coat came out of a dark alleyway. As I was clearly lost, I decided to ask him where the medical school was, and surprisingly, he gave me detailed directions to the school. I followed the directions, but it ended up leading me to some kind of black market tent. Curious, I crept into the market, but it was completely empty. Tables were arranged in endless rows with the strangest objects you could imagine. All of a sudden, my friend, my brother, and the exchange student, popped up from hiding under a table and told me that the trench coat guy lead me to a trap. I decided to hide under the table with them. Soon, the guy from the alley lead a group of strangely-dressed people into the market. The hooded figures noticed us and we sprung up to run but they had closed off all the exits. We were left with no choice but to fight. We picked up some random pen off of a table and tried to use Harry Potter spells to activate them, but it didn't seem to work. Finally, we discovered that is was mind-powered so we ended up telepathically shooting fire from the pens. The black marketers were slightly repelled, giving us enough time to grab whatever we could get from the tables that weren't on fire, and dash out.
We took shelter in a strange tower in the middle of a vast cornfield by the edge of the town. We decided to check out the things we had smuggled from the black market. Apparently the pens also had the ability to turn into daggers. We had also picked up some butter knives, which we discovered worked like magic wands (still not activated my Harry Potter spells though). Once we got bored setting corn on fire, we explored the tower and discovered that there was a giant magnifying glass at the very top. With it, there was a pair of binoculars which I looked a the top of the black market tent with. The entire top of the tent was a stained glass Illuminati symbol that I never noticed before. I aimed the magnifying glass at the pupil of the eye in the Illuminati and the entire tent blew up. The black-hooded figures around it disintegrated and we all went back to town and sat around a huge bonfire with the rest of the townspeople, roasting marshmallows. I also played with my pet pig, which I seemed to have in the dream. I don't like pigs. 

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