Sunday, 13 November 2016

I'm Back...

Hello to my two entire followers. I think I mentioned somehwere that I only post when I'm bored, and I guess my long break showed how much of an eventful life I lead. Haha no, just kidding. The real reason I haven't posted anything in a while is because I forgot I owned a blog. Pathetic, I know. Aaannnyways, here's a repost from a post I made on my friend's blog:

I have come to share a secret of the Earth. Yes, it is the one and only, maned wolf. Basically a red fox on stilts, and if you hadn't known already I love foxes. Maned wolves are really cool, not only because they look like foxes with deer legs, but because they aren't even wolves. What. 

These awesome canines are actually related closest to the forest fox and bush dog, and thrive around in the tall grasses of South America. Being the tallest species of canines, maned wolves look kind of like the lanky awkward teenagers of the animal kingdom. 

Fun Facts About Maned Wolves:
- They can grow up to 1 metre tall
- Their urine smells like marijuana
- They are omnivores. Half of their diet consists of fruit, which is odd for a canine
- Their black mane stands up when they detect a threat
- They have a spooky bark:
- They're nocturnal

Unfortunately maned wolves are endangered due to loss of habitat, being killed by farmers trying to protect their livestock, introduction of new diseases, and more. Let's try to not let them go extinct please.


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